We’ve rolled out a ton of new features since we launched Spot v1. We’re doubling down on our mission to make launching home testing easier, and the changes we’ve made in v2 are focused on helping you build more powerful tools.

An overhaul of our existing endpoints

We’ve made a lot of small revisions to our existing endpoints to expand the types of queries that can be made. In particular, we’ve significantly expanded the amount of data supplied in the list endpoints, and added a large number of new optional query parameters to filter results further. A new endpoint for retrieving the list of kit types you can order has also been added.

The requisitions API

Requisitions let you use Spot’s infrastructure to handle logistics, compliance and results for kits built outside of Spot. Supply us with the sample’s barcode, the patient’s registration data, and tracking information, and we’ll provide you with tracking updates and results, as well as handling any logistical problems along the way. Talk to us if you’re interested in this feature.

A brand new rejection workflow

As part of our commitment to going the extra mile for patients, we used to automatically re-ship kits that experienced a rejection. What we found is that sometimes this only added to the chaos! We’ve built a brand new user flow that explains to patients why their kit was rejected, and requires them to explicitly consent to receieve a (free!) replacement kit.

Order metadata

A common request has been to be able to track various external pieces of data within Spot. We’ve added a new metadata field to the order creation endpoint and added a new metadata update endpoint to match.

Report amendments

We now allow labs to submit amended reports if there are updates during review. These are added to the array of reports associated with samples with a new is_amendment field set to true.

Expanded kit and sample lifecycles

We’ve revised kit and sample lifecycles to provide more information, and account for more possibilities. In particular, we’ve added a new canceled status to kits, samples, and orders, and a new extra_quality_checks status to samples to indicate when we’re doing extra validation work behind the scenes that might take a little longer.

A dedicated developer experience portal

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…and this is only the beginning

We’re just getting started. There’s a ton more in the works that we’re excited to share with you soon.