Kit types and panels define the properties of kits and samples respectively.


Spots, kits and orders form the core of Spot. Kit types and panels define the nature of kits and orders respectively.


An order is an individual request to have Spot send one or more kits to a recipient.

Kits and Kit Types

Self-collection kits, or “kits”, are designed to facilitate the collection of samples needed to perform one or more panels. As a result, a kit may contain multiple collection formats and/or multiple specimen types. Kit types define the properties of kits and are connected to the panels associated with each kit’s samples.


Samples are what the labs in Spot’s network analyze to report results. Each panel has its own requirements for specimen type (blood, urine, saliva, cheek swab, etc.) and collection format (Whatman 903, ADx100, Hemaspot, Microtainer, tubes, flocked swabs, etc).

Samples must be mailed back to the lab for analysis. Sometimes samples may be routed multiple times before hitting their destination lab. Spot’s sample tracking accounts for this.

Test Panels (“Panels”)

Panels are pre-determined sets of analytes that have been matched to labs within Spot’s network. We treat tests and panels the same. Tests are panels that contain a single biomarker.