As well as ordering single tests direct to consumers, Spot supports several other alternative workflows.

Retail kits

Kit types and panels define the properties of kits and samples respectively.

In addition to shipping kits on-demand, Spot also allows you to purchase kits to stock in bulk in your own retail outlet, warehouse, or distribution center. You can then sell them to customers in person or online. We keep tracking for retail kit samples up to date so you don’t need to do anything except control sales and distribution.

Retail kits are special in that they don’t have an associated order or an address. Spot isn’t able to ship replacement kits for retail, so you’ll need to handle that flow yourself.

Retail kits can be ordered in cases of thirty. Talk to us if this is something you’re interested in.

Multi-purpose kits

Multi-purpose kits are a special type of kit that can be used to collect samples for multiple tests. They’re useful when you don’t want to decide at the point of ordering which test you’d like to run. Instead, kit types can be designated as multi-purpose.

If a multi-purpose kit is delivered to a customer, they can choose at the point of registration which test they’d like to run.

Alternatively, if you use the patient registration token endpoint to control the registration flow, you can specify which kit type you’d like to use as part of the patient token. This can be used in conjunction with retail kits to build custom registration flows for many tests that only require you to stock a single kit type.

Speak to us if you’re interested in multi-purpose kit workflows.